We must be the change we wish to see in the world.
– Mahatma Ghandi

:: Introduction ::

My goal is to provide clients the opportunity to utilize web sites to educate themselves and learn traditional as well as alternative methods in order to feel good mentally, physically, and spiritually about themselves. In order to nurture and care for others it is important to learn to care for ourselves, and to maintain our health so that we can continue to be the "healers" that we are. The birth of this website was conceived through my professional training and the multitude of encounters over the years with women and their families who have guided me along my path of health enlightenment. I hope that you are able to get what you need in order to support the healer within you. As healers, I ask that you continue your path of enlightenment -- empowered to take a stand against the immoral acts of tyranny and destruction against Mother Earth and her children.

Disclaimer: this site is in no way intended to treat, advise or take the place of medical treatment. Web links are provided as educational tools along with this site, and should not be relied on for personal diagnosis or treatment. If you have an emergency contact your local emergency facility. Any medical content must be discussed with your medical provider. To use any products sold on this site constitutes doing so at your own discretion and risk. The owner of this site and other sites listed are not responsible for any harm, serious jeopardy to your health, serious impairment to your bodily functions, or serious dysfunction of any bodily organ or part by using information and/or items purchased from this or other websites linked here.